Whatever the field of work or expertise, Amvigor has a substantial and constantly updated database of top-notch personnel to aid our clients.  IT, Engineering, Clerical, Manufacturing, and more.

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Facilities Provider

Both large and small companies face periods of rapid growth or undertake projects with unique needs that they can't meet for one reason or another. Amvigor rapidly procures space and facilities to custom-fit whatever our clients need, whether it's a manufacturing unit, a 100-staff office space, or something truly unique, we have the experience to get it.

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Engineering & Drafting

We form highly-experienced working units to accomplish any Engineering, Design, or Drafting project.  Even highly-specialized work can be provided to satisfy the tightest scheduling and tolerance requirements.

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Amvigor Handles Staffing, Engineering & Drafting, Facilities Provision, and More.

For the last 35 years, Amvigor has been active throughout Southern California, and as far as Tennessee, providing our large government, quasi-government, and private clients with custom solutions for all of their projects.

We are adept at navigating federal, state, and local regulations. As a WMBE we are the perfect solution to fulfilling contract requirments.

Amvigor is an agile provider of staffing, custom facilities, and contract engineering work.  We work quickly when our clients need last-minute and emergency results.

Please contact us for a list of references throughout the Fortune 1000 and among Government Agencies.


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